Challenge Match - between BDLGA and Cotswold League
for the Bath Aqua Glass Bowl

held on Saturday 23rd April 2022
at Cotswold Hills.  

This is the annual match between the winners of the BDLGA Alliance and the winners of the Gloucestershire Alliance. 

Last year’s 2019/20 Aqua Challenge, Cotswold Hills played Bristol and Clifton at home and were beaten.  So the 2021 Aqua Challenge meant that Cotswold Hills were at home and were determined to win.   They were facing a different club, Burnham and Berrow who were the 2021 winners of the BDLGA league.

The Burnham team were warmly welcomed at Cotswold Hills, Nr Cheltenham by a large group of Gloucestershire supporters. It was a sunny but windy day and the cowslips and bluebells were flowering all around the course.  All the matches were closely fought but the course was dry, which meant that the ball was running and this made it difficult to keep the balls on the fairways and greens.  Several of the visitors had not played the course before and the home advantage was apparent.  Many of the matches went to the 18th and although the score, at one stage, looked as though it was going to be tied, Cotswold Hills triumphed at the end and the final result was 9-5 to Cotswold Hills. A good competitive match! Congratulations to all!

Well played Burnham and Berrow! You all played well and represented our Alliance with pride.

Thank you.

Lis Henniker-Heaton

Cotswold Hill winners 2022.jpg

Cotswold Hills

Burnham and Berrow losers 2022.jpg

Burnham & Berrow

Rules and guidance for Challenge Match
For guidance on how and when to arrange these matches, and the rules that they follow, please click here