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Below are the draws and results for 2023 Foursomes matches

In accordance with the rules relating to results all Foursomes results are to be e-mailed by the Winning Team Captain within 24 hours of the completion of each fixture to


Please include the following information for each Foursomes match:-


  • In the header of your email please state either "Handicap" or "Scratch" Foursomes

  • Fixture date 

  • Names of the Clubs

  • Names of each club's players

  • Handicaps (not required for Scratch Foursomes)

  • The result of the match, including the score

Your Alliance captain will have the contact details of the captain of the club you are playing in the next round.  

If any player has a Hole-in-One during a match, please e-mail us separately with the details, so that she can be acknowledged at the AGM and awarded vouchers for her achievement. 

2022 Presentation

Liz and Claire.jpg
Scratch Foursomes Winners
Claire Walker & Liz Stephens
Mendip Spring
Di and Heather.jpg
Handicap Foursomes Winners
Heather Kerr-Wilbur & Di Yates
Mendip Spring
Aimee and Natasha.jpg
Scratch Foursomes Runners Up
Natasha Bowden & Aimee Field
Burnham & Berrow
Emma and Amanda.jpg
Handicap Foursomes Runners Up
Emma Bourton & Amanda Cook
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